The vineyard  

Our wines Pouilly Fumé

We work the land according to reasoned culture principles, respecting traditions and the environment, preferring plowing and spiking of the soil.


The area covered by our Pouilly Fumé vineyard is 15 hectares.


Geologically speaking, clay-limestone, Kimmeridgian marls and portland limestones soils allow the Michel and David Bailly’s winery to offer a great variety of Pouilly-Fumé wines.

Made the traditional way, our Pouilly-Fumé wines age in temperature-controlled vats (natural yeast) for approximately fifteen days, at low temperatures to start with, and at 20°C by the end.

Afterwards, they mature on fermentation lees for five months, are then stirred twice, and are finally aged in temperature-controlled vats for six months to a year.


Our wines Pouilly-Fumé

Pouilly Fumé


The grapes are chosen from our best soils and you will love it as an aperitif. It harmonizes perfectly and subtly with fish, shellfish, seafood, white meat, goat cheese and, when aged, with foie gras.

Pouilly Fumé Les Bines

Pouilly Fumé "Les Bines"

Winegrowers used to plow the soil and, at the time of hoeing (« binage » in French), that is in the months of may or june, cicadas would sing, hence the word « les bines ». This wine is great as an aperitif and will be a perfect match for your fish dishes.

Pouilly Fumé Les Tonnes

Pouilly-Fumé "Les Tonnes"

Pouilly Fumé AOC 100% Sauvignon, with the natural characteristics of citrus and white fruit and white flower notes that are pleasant and fresh.

Pouilly Fumé Les Terrasses

Pouilly-Fumé "Les Terrasses"

Pouilly Fumé AOC 100% Sauvignon reveals aromas of citrus and melon. Its fruity and vivid taste, worthy of its appellation, offer a long finish.